06 10 / 2011

Well today we started making Prezi’s based off of what I customers can do in my destination city. First I wrote the name of my city in the middle of my Prezi so whenever someone looks at it, they would know what it’s about. The name of my city is London so that’s what I put for my title. Next, I wrote the three things that my customer ( Ms. Siggie ) will enjoy doing in my city. After I wrote down the things that she can do, I added 3 or more pictures to that topic. I think it grabs people attention. London is an amazing city and it has amazing pictures and my customers and other readers will see that in my Prezi. This is what I did in tech class today.image

05 10 / 2011

The first thing I did to help my customer choose what activities they were going to do, I first asked her what intrests her and what she likes to do.After she told me what she likes to do I looked on Google to see in my destination city ddid they have those activites available.Once I found out if my city had those activites or not I uploaded the pictures on to Edmodo the see if my customer likes the links and things that I have posted for her to see and approve and/or disapprove. If she disapproved on my pictures I would go back to find a different activity. At the end of the day we were ALL HAPPY . ’ : ) <3image

04 10 / 2011

From the airport to the Ritz hotel it will take

imageFrom the Ritz hotel to the Sea Life Aquarium, it will take 2 hours and 41 mins to get there. That’s a pretty long time from a city to a different city.

imageAfter that, from Sea Life Aquarium to the Churchill museum it will take 2 hours and 50 mins to that destination.

29 9 / 2011

Well today in tech class we found the total cost of our vacation. The process for finding the total cost of the vacation was surprisingly easy. Though there were steps I had to go through to find the total cost, I breezed through those three steps. First I had to highlight the numbers in my cost column. Next I had to click on the formulas section in Microsoft Excel so that I can find the total sum. Lastly, I had to click onto auto-sum so it can add up all my total expensies for my vacation.

$940 http://www.kayak.com/flights/NYC,nearby-LON/2012-06-29/2012-08-07$37.80 http://www.londonpass.com/london-transport/index.html$474.17 http://www.theritzlondon.com/superior-queen-,rooms_viewItem_1-en.html$200.00 http://www.fancythatoflondon.co.uk/$12.66 http://www.visitsealife.com/london/$17.00 http://www.londonpass.com/london-attractions/churchill-war-rooms.html$4.70 http://www.bagelfactory.co.uk/assets/pdf/breakfast_and_hot_drinks.pdf$4.70 http://www.bagelfactory.co.uk/assets/pdf/breakfast_and_hot_drinks.pdf$8 http://www.thebreakfastclubcafes.com/brunch/$8.00 http://www.thebreakfastclubcafes.com/brunch/$10.00 http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/restaurants/article-23393965-critics-choice-best-for-breakfast.do$4.70 http://www.bagelfactory.co.uk/assets/pdf/breakfast_and_hot_drinks.pdf$5 http://www.bagelfactory.co.uk/assets/pdf/breakfast_and_hot_drinks.pdf$1,726    $863.00  $287.70  $157.00  

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19 9 / 2011

imageimageToday in tech class I learned how to research the time in my destination city.

  1. In london it is 7:49 and it Newark 2:49. That is a 5 hour difference from Newark and London. image
  2. In London it is 63 degrees and today in Newark it is 68 degrees. just like the time it has a five degrees difference.

Packing list :

  • cardigan
  • jeans
  • sneakers
  • uggs
  • umbrella
  • short/long sleeve shirts


15 9 / 2011

imageThe cheapest flight to my destination city is $861 from Newark Internation Airport to London, England. I’m telling you now this is the cheapest flight you can find that is flying to London. The most expensive flight your going to find is $6,774. Now look at the difference between those two prices. That is a $5,913 difference. So I recommend that you take Secret Carrier because it’s way cheaper than British Airways. <3 =) ^___^ *  We will be flying from July 29th to August 7th.image

14 9 / 2011

 Iimagef I was to plan someone’s vacation to London, I would make sure that I plan to take them to The British Musuem. They will have pictures of their history. Also they make statues of people based off of their religion.imageI would also take them to The Sea Life Aquarium so they can sea the extraordinary octopus. if you like sea creatures you would love this aquarium, if you don’t you still will love this incridible octopus.

13 9 / 2011

12 9 / 2011

imageimageUmmm , imagei have been evrywhere that I have wanted to go when I went on family vacations but some other places are:

  • Misson Beach, Australia - I want to go there because I don’t know the people there seem friendly and I like their raspy British accent : ) I want to scuba dive and snorkel.
  • Tokyo, Japan - I would like to take a hike in Japan so I can learn about their different cultures and way of life. Also I would like to go there because I always wanted to go to Japan because that’s like all they way across the world.
  • London, England - I would like to paraglide in London because that sport is so extreme and I would do it in new Jersey but I’d like to do it in another country. I would like to go to London again because it was fun and plus this time i would actually like to paraglide.